Kathi's Reaction On PK Vs Karunanidhi

August 10, 2018 - 03:30 PM IST Pawan Kalyan 

Just when many were wondering as to where is Mahesh Kathi after his ban from the city of Hyderabad, the man has bounced back. As expected, he has chosen his favorite subject Pawan Kalyan and came up with a post which is now making few discussions. Apparently, Pawan fans came up with few posts related to the late Karunanidhi.

They took it a step further by comparing Pawan Kalyan to Karunanidhi. This was enough fodder for Mahesh Kathi to blast his guns. He came up with a straightforward post in Telugu which translated to “What is this comparison to Pawan Kalyan and Karunanidhi? The criterion is not 3 marriages but what the person has done for cinema, society, politics and the nation.”

He also added “Pawan is someone who cannot even look into the eye and say one line properly, where is he and where is Kalaignar?”. Well, this only goes to show that the compromise between Kathi and PK is not really as it seems to be. It now remains to be seen how fans of Pawan Kalyan will counter this statement.