Nagababu Expressed His Reasons To Quit Jabardasth

December 02, 2019 - 05:30 PM IST

One of the most sought after and talked about shows in the small screen circuit is the TV comedy show ‘Jabardasth’. While there is no doubt in saying that the participants have exceptionally good talent to entertain the viewers with their skits, due credit also goes to one of the judges, mega brother Nagababu, for his contribution.

His presence and his occasional one-liners used to create the right environment. But in a sudden and shocking move, Nagababu quit the show and many were left wondering why. Now, the man himself has come up with the reason in a vivid video on the internet. Nagababu came up with a few key reasons why he quit the show.

The gist of that goes to imply that both Mallemala Entertainments and ETV, the producers of the show, were least bothered to take care of the participants and the issues they are going through. They worked like a corporate and this didn’t go well with Nagababu. While he maintained that he was taken care of very well, he was deeply saddened by the way the rest were being treated.

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