Varun Tej To Do Pawan Flop Movie Remake?

December 02, 2019 - 11:30 AM IST Varun Tej 

You tend to see many remakes coming in and these days due to lack of proper content, many producers and directors prefer to go for remakes as it is easy and the script is proven. However, the priority remains that the original has to be a big hit. Given that, some are wondering why one flop film is being remade.

If sources are to be believed, Mega prince Varun Tej is currently busy with the shooting of a new movie which is being helmed by debutante Kiran Korrapati. Inside reports reveal the film happens to be a freemake of sorts of the movie ‘Johnny’ which had power star Pawan Kalyan in the lead and he was also the director to it.

With this, many are saying they are not sure why they are remaking it because ‘Johnny’ was a big disaster then. While that may be so, few mega sources say all the errors in ‘Johnny’ are now being filled and the director has prepared the script in a perfect manner. Varun is going to be seen in the role of a kickboxer and it is touted to be a very emotional action treat. That’s the story folks!