Bigg Boss Telugu 4: New Luxury Budget Task In The House

September 16, 2020 - 09:32 AM IST

The episode started with Harika scolding Abhijeet for skipping dinner and feeding him. Noel also feeds Sujatha and Lasya where the latter gets emotional remembering her mother. Divi joins them and Noel feeds her as well and she gets teary-eyed too. The housemates had fun in the night singing songs.

In the midnight, Monal is seen having a discussion with Abhijeet. Monal asks how many girls he dated till now, Abhijeet reveals he has 3 relationships in the past. Monal confesses that she only dated a guy who changed her life in both good and bad ways. When Abhijeet asked her about her current relationship status, Monal says it is complicated. She then changes the topic and says that Harika likes him. Abhijeet acts surprised and asks how girls can sense such things.

The housemates wake up and dances for the 'Blockbuster' song from 'Sarrainodu' movie. Harika as a part of 'Morning Masti' task dances, sings, and also performs a skit with Noel and Gangavva. Divi says that Akhil got the Romantic title as he is the one who goes to most of the housemates and praise them. Akhil while talking to Monal in the bathroom says that he didn't like what Divi said and claimed that whatever he does is because of his personality and he least bothered about how the other people are taking it.

Bigg Boss calls Sujatha into the confession room who gets super excited to enter it. Sujatha comes up with the Luxury Budget Task of this week which is BB TV. The housemates will turn into serial characters in a show named 'Atha Alludu America Moju'. Below is the names of the contestants and their character names.

Karate Kalyani: Cunning and Dominating mother-in-law and a mother who is keen on marrying her daughter to an American settled Indian.

Abhijeet: Kalyani's son

Sujatha: Kalyani's innocent daughter-in-law

Divi: Kalyani's daughter who has been canceling all the alliances.

Akhil: NRI and Kalyani want to marry Divi to Akhil.

Kumar Sai: Accountant in Kalyani's house who forgets things easily.

Devi: Back bitching maid in Kalyani's house.

The rest of the housemates will turn into the audience and also comes up with advertisements.

The contestants did the task well. Monal, Amma Rajashekar, Mehaboob, and Lasya also performed a wig advertisement. The episode ended on a fun note.

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