Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 67: Akhil Sent To A Secret Room!

November 12, 2020 - 09:29 AM IST

The episode started with Bigg Boss waking up the housemates by ringing a siren and asking them to pack their bags. Bigg Boss said that the Bigg Boss house is closed and will get reopened only after the housemates complete a task. Bigg Boss said that the Bigg Boss journey is about showcasing the physical and mental strengths of the housemates. Bigg Boss said that only the public can eliminate a housemate. But this time, Bigg Boss has given the opportunity to the contestants. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to pick one strong contestant who will be an obstacle for their win.

Sohel said Mehboob is strong. Ariyana told Akhil's name. Mehboob said it is Ariyana. Lasya took her name. Akhil also said his name. Monal said Akhil's name. Harika said that her vote is for the contestant picked by all the housemates. Avinash said it is Ariyana. Abhijeet took his name. The housemates said Akhil's name and Bigg Boss asked Akhil to come out of the Bigg Boss house. However, Bigg Boss sent Akhil to the secret room. As none of the housemates know this, they have been discussing the same

Monal and Sohel became emotional thinking that he got eliminated and cried. Abhijeet, Harika, and Lasya were shocked to see Akhil leaving the house without even making a defense statement.  The next day started. Abhijeet and Lasya were talking about why Akhil didn't defend himself. Akhil laughed and said that Abhijeet doesn't do any work and won't let the task to get completed. The episode ended with Monal singing a song for Akhil.

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