Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 76: Harika Becomes House Captain With Monal's Support

November 21, 2020 - 10:33 AM IST

 The episode started with Lasya crying after seeing Junnu and Manjunath. Lasya cried and her husband consoled her saying that she should be strong. He advised her to stay away from the kitchen and participate more in the tasks.

Bigg Boss gave Haier Four Door Refrigerator task. Sohel, Lasya, Abhijeet, and Monal cut the ribbon and opened the fridge. Avinash asked Bigg Boss house related questions like how many balloons are there in the living room, the number of strawberries on the dining table, colors in the smoking area, the color of the sofa in the garden area, where does Lasya sit often, who became the first house captain, etc. Sohel took some luxury budget items. Later, Lasya answered some questions and took some items. Abhijeet also answered and took some items. Finally, Monal also participated and took some items.

Bigg Boss started the captaincy task. The housemates should lift the person they want to make the captain on their shoulders without moving and the last one to step down will be the captain. Abhijeet stepped down first. Sohel also dropped Akhil making Harika as the captain of the Bigg Boss house. Harika hugged Monal and thanked her saying that she finally won the captaincy in her 8th attempt.

Akhil became sad and Sohel consoled him. Bigg Boss asked everyone to share what they have learned after coming to the Bigg Boss house. Sohel said that learnt the value of food and relationships. Ariyana said that she has learned the value of time and being thankful for little things.

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