Bigg Boss Exclusive: Akhil & Abhijeet Compete To Win A Date With Monal

November 25, 2020 - 02:39 PM IST

Bigg Boss organizers released a new promo today and going by that, it is clear that a Devil task is in progress. According to our sources, we have learned some interesting aspects that the upcoming episode will showcase.

Devil task is introduced as part of the Luxury Budget task. A devil with the name Jalaja comes to scare the inmates, and Ariyana gets scared. Later, Jalaja's voice replaces the Bigg Boss' voice. The inmates are asked to perform certain tasks. The luxury budget is granted according to the performance of the tasks.

Later, Akhil and Abhijeet will compete for a task. The winner of the task will get a chance to go on a date with Monal. Akhil wins the task and he will grab the chance. Later, the inmates will perform a dance in the house. Starting with Sohel, all the others perform a dance in the Bigg Boss house.

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