Bigg Boss Telugu: Ep 26: Sreerama Chandra is the new captain!

October 01, 2021 - 10:00 AM IST

Bigg Boss TV show is interesting in the fourth week. Unlike the three other seasons, the fourth season generated good interest in the audience. In the fourth week, the house got a new captain, Sreerama Chandra. The following are some of the major highlights of the episode today.


Saranga Dariya is the wake-up song.


Swetaa got access to the Power room. Along with her partner Anne, she picked Shanmukh and Siri as their opponents. They faced a challenge Chikkulo Chikkukoku. Swetaa and Anne won.


After the task, the inmates checked their weight again.


Swetaa, Anne; Maanas, Sunny; Sreeram, Hamida lost a good amount of weight and got a chance to be a part of the captaincy task.


Kathulath Saavasam is the captaincy task. Bigg Boss asked the pairs to pick only one of them to be a part of the captaincy task.


Anne, Sunny, and Sreeram came forward to take part in the captaincy task.


As per the captaincy task, the inmates will have to stab one of the three, giving them no chance to take part in the captaincy.


Vishwa, Shanmukh, Lobo, Priya, Siri, Natraj, Ravi, and Priyanka stabbed Sunny. Hamida, Kajal and Maanas stabbed Swetaa. Anne and Jessie stabbed Sreeram. Since Sreeram has got fewer stabbings, he became the captain.


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