Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E93 - Undeserving Contestant

December 06, 2022 - 09:00 AM IST

Bigg Boss Telugu TV show has reached the pre-climax stage. The show is currently in the 13th week. There are currently seven members in the Bigg Boss house. As usual, Bigg Boss introduced the 'position game' in the house ahead of the finale week.


Bigg Boss sent some pedestals with numbers in the garden area.


Initially, the housemates took the following positions.


1 Revanth

2 Inaya

3 Keerthi

4 Sri Satya

5 Shrihan

6 Adi Reddy

7 Rohith Saini


Later, the housemates discussed, argued and debated among themselves and then underwent a shuffling in their positions. The final positions are as follows:


1 Revanth

2 Shrihan

3 Adi Reddy

4 Inaya

5 Sri Satya

6 Rohith Saini

7 Keerthi Bhat


Underserving Housemate:

As Shrihan has already gained the Ticket to Finale, Bigg Boss asked him to select one person who he thinks will be undeserving contestant in the house.

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