Spark Teaser: New Actor Vikranth shines big in an intriguing & action-packed thriller

August 02, 2023 - 08:48 PM IST

A new actor Vikranth is all set to make his grand debut with the much-anticipated film "Spark." Mehreen Kaur and Rukshar Dhillon will be seen as the female leads. The makers launched the film's teaser, which is getting much attention from everyone now.

The teaser begins with a mesmerizing song composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab, beautifully introducing Vikranth's character. The teaser sets the tone for an action-packed and thrilling experience.

Vikranth has written the film's screenplay and story, showcasing his multi-talented abilities. The makers intend to reach audiences across the country. The film will simultaneously be released in five languages, adding to its universal appeal.

The tagline of "Spark" says it all - "Life." It hints at the film's exploration of the various facets of life, encompassing emotions, challenges, and the pursuit of solutions to prevailing chaos.

The film is being produced on a large scale and boasts an impressive cast and crew.