Rakshana producer files a complaint on Payal Rajput with the Producer Council

May 21, 2024 - 04:06 PM IST

Magalavaram fame actress Payal Rajput recently tweeted seeking justice, alleging that a producer is pushing ahead with the release and promotion of a delayed film without her consent. However, the Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC) expressed disappointment with Rajput for not fulfilling her promotional obligations for the movie "Rakshana."

Director-producer Prandeep Thakore accused Rajput of refusing to promote the film, which he claims could lead to significant financial losses. Despite efforts to mediate, tensions remain high. Thakore also criticized Rajput's manager for unprofessional behavior, stating that according to their agreement, Rajput was supposed to attend promotional events in exchange for a remaining payment of Rs 6 lakhs. Her manager, however, insisted that she would not participate in promotions for the four-year-old film.

TFCC and TFPC released a press note highlighting their unsuccessful attempts to communicate with Rajput and her team. While Rajput has accused the industry of attempting to ban her, the TFPC firmly denies this claim. The situation remains unresolved, and the Council's next steps against Rajput are yet to be seen. Additionally, Rajput is not a member of Tollywood's Movie Artists Association.