Namo Movie Review: Viswant Dudumpudi's Film Opens to Positive Reception

June 07, 2024 - 09:29 PM IST

Viswant Dudumpudi's latest film, "Namo," released in theaters today and is receiving a decent response from audiences. The trailer, which looked promising, hinted at a film packed with commercial elements, ensuring an entertaining experience for moviegoers.

Plot Summary:

Nagesh (Viswant Dudumpudi) and Mohan (Anuroop Katari) embark on a journey into the forest to find Nagesh’s father, a Naxalite leader who has been estranged from his family for a long time. Nagesh hopes to bring his father back home and reunite him with his family. However, their mission takes an unexpected turn when they are captured by the native people of a tribal area. The story unfolds with their struggles and whether Nagesh manages to reunite with his father.


Viswant Dudumpudi: As Nagesh, he delivers a strong performance, showcasing good timing and expressions. His emotional depth in the preclimax scene is particularly noteworthy.

Anuroop Katari: Excels in his role as Mohan, providing effective comic relief and delivering a solid performance throughout.

Vismayasri: Impresses as Ganga, a tribal girl, with a convincing and impactful portrayal.

Supporting Cast: Noted actors Meka Ramakrishna and Vadlamani Srinivas perform their roles effortlessly, while Virender Chauhan stands out as the aggressive tribal group leader.

Technical Aspects:

Direction: Aditya Reddy Kunduru handles a simple and predictable plot with skill, engaging the audience with a mix of comedy and emotions. However, the screenplay could have benefitted from more surprises.

Production Values: Sri Nethra Creations and Aarms Film Factory deliver decent production quality.

Music and BGM: Kranthi Acharya Vadluri provides an adequate musical score and background music.

Cinematography: Rahul Shrivatsav captures the forest's natural beauty with decent visuals.

Editing: Sanal Anirudhan’s editing is crisp, though a few scenes could have been tighter.

Plus and minus points:

Namo is set against the backdrop of a forest, utilizing natural locations effectively. Although the film starts slowly, it quickly reveals its plot and maintains engagement with a blend of comedy and emotional scenes. Unlike typical forest trap movies that focus on heroheroine chemistry, Namo centers on the bond between two friends and their efforts to escape from the tribal people. This unique approach keeps the audience invested.

Overall, Namo entertains with good dialogues and emotional content in both halves. Promoted as a survival comedy, the film delivers on its promise, providing a satisfying and engaging experience for the audience.