Krack Secret: Who Are Those Acting Directors?

January 12, 2021 - 11:14 PM IST

The film Krack, that is making huge noise at the box office has a speciality. There are many film directors who acted in the film and shown their talent. 

They are Samuthirakani, Machcha Ravi (BVS), Mahesh Kathi, Vivek and Devi Prasad. 

First comes Samuthirakani who is a Tamil director first and eventually became an actor. He is more known to Telugu people ever since AVPL and now with the character of Katari Krishna he became more popular. 

Then BVS Ravi who made the film "Jawaan" recently is seen in character resembling Jogi Brothers in "Krack". His ease in acting is so good that many feel why he didn't give a try to do comedy oriented roles. 

Mahesh Kathi directed the film Pesarattu earlier. He is appearing in different films now and then. He acted as himself in the film "Krack" as a caste activist. 

Devi Prasad is the director of the film "Blade Babji" who appeared in Krack as a mole in the police department. 

Vivek is another director of "Bejawada" fame who appeared as a rowdy cop insulting a girl in police station.

On a whole, "Krack" has too many mainstream directors who have shown their talent as actors. This is something like Tollywood version of "Expendables". 

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