Deepika Padukone becomes the highest paid actress; here s her remuneration

June 18, 2024 - 04:01 PM IST

Deepika Padukone has been named the highest-paid actress in the Indian film industry for 2024. Making her Telugu debut with "Kalki 2898 AD," Deepika has surpassed other top actresses to secure this title.

According to Forbes, Deepika Padukone commands a hefty paycheck of Rs 15 to 30 crores per movie, reportedly charging over Rs 20 crores for "Kalki 2898 AD." Her recent successes include blockbusters "Jawan" and "Pathaan," further solidifying her position at the top. Currently, Deepika is on a break from her acting duties as she is expecting her first child, which also led her to skip promotional activities for "Kalki 2898 AD."

In the ranking of highest-paid Bollywood actresses, Kangana Ranaut comes in second with earnings ranging from Rs 15 to 27 crores, followed by Priyanka Chopra, who earns between Rs 15 to 25 crores per film. Other notable names on the list include Katrina Kaif (Rs 15 to 25 crores), Alia Bhatt (Rs 10 to 20 crores), Kareena Kapoor Khan (Rs 8 to 18 crores), and Shraddha Kapoor (Rs 7 to 15 crores).