Varun Sandesh on Nindha and upcoming projects

June 19, 2024 - 12:42 PM IST

Varun Sandesh, once a heartthrob in the Telugu states, faced setbacks in his career due to a series of unsuccessful films. Now, he is poised for a comeback with the suspense thriller "Nindha." In an exclusive interview, Varun discusses his role in the film, the challenges he faced, including an on-set injury, and his upcoming projects. Here are the highlights of our conversation.

Q: What is the main reason for accepting the story of 'Nindha'?

A: I felt bored doing routine films. There were times when I scolded myself for doing such films. So, I took a small break and went to the USA. It was at that time that Rajesh told this story. I liked it as soon as I heard it and I said, 'let's do this film.'


Q: How is your role going to be in 'Nindha'?

A: My role in 'Nindha' bears no resemblance to my character in real life. I am very jolly and chill outside. I am never serious. But in this film, I played a role completely different from my personality and mentality. I look very settled and mature in this film.


Q: Did you know that the director of this movie will produce it?

A: When I heard the story of 'Nindha,' I didn't think about who will produce this movie. I liked the story, that's all. I loved the way Rajesh narrated the story. It made me even happier to know that he is producing the film. He came forward to produce it with his belief in his story. He made this movie as a director and producer because he has a lot of guts and courage.


Q: What is new in the movie 'Nindha'? How is it going to be?

A: There are many movies in the suspense, crime, and thriller genre. In the case of 'Nindha,' the screenplay is going to be very new. No one can predict what will happen next. The original full story and script were not narrated to any of the artists. Due to this, curiosity has also increased among the artists as well. Since they didn’t know who the real culprit was, they acted naturally. I tried to guess when the story was told, but I couldn't predict precisely.


Q: How is the movie 'Nindha' technically going to be?

A: The background score and camera work are very important for films like 'Nindha.' We got very good technicians. Santhu Omkar took it to the next level with his RR and music. The camera work of Ramiz is also amazing.


Q: What were the challenges faced during the shoot of 'Nindha'?

A: I injured my leg while shooting the movie 'Constable.' Immediately after that, there was a schedule for 'Nindha.' All the artists were already ready for the shoot. Everything was set. I didn't want to cancel the shoot because of me. I saw Rajesh's dedication and passion. I shot with that injury. I took that risk for Rajesh.


Q: How was the journey with director-producer Rajesh Jagannadham?

A: Rajesh has become like my own brother in the journey. When we get old, we don't make new friends. But I feel glad that I got a good friend in the form of Rajesh.


Q: How did Mythri take up the project to release it?

A: Our director-producer Rajesh's friend is releasing this movie in the USA. He is close to Mythri Naveen. So, Mythri Shashi saw our film. Shashi garu said that he would release the movie only if he liked it. He saw the movie and liked it very much. That is why they came forward to release our film.


Q: What are your next projects?

A: After 'Nindha,' I am coming up with a crazy project. The character in 'Nindha' bears no resemblance to the character in that movie. We want to start promotions in July and release in August. Apart from that, I am also doing a film called 'Constable.'