Ramayana: Sunil Lahri Criticizes Sai Pallavi

June 21, 2024 - 04:55 PM IST

Sunil Lahri, renowned for his role as Lakshman in the iconic TV serial 'Ramayan,' has recently voiced his disapproval of Sai Pallavi being cast as Goddess Sita in Nitesh Tiwari’s forthcoming film 'Ramayana'.

In a recent interview, Lahri expressed that Sai Pallavi does not possess the features traditionally associated with the deity, emphasizing his view of Sita as having a "beautiful and perfect" face.

Lahri elaborated on his stance, stating, “I don’t know how she is as an actress; I have never seen any of her work. But, looks-wise, I am honestly not very convinced. In my mind, Sita has a very beautiful and perfect-looking face, and I don’t think Sai’s face has that perfection.”

He further commented, “In Indian mindsets, all the Devis are out of this world, they should be extraordinary. I don’t know how they are going to make this actress look so attractive that Raavan would fall for her.”

Following Lahri's comments, many fans rushed to defend Sai Pallavi, lauding her as one of India’s finest actors. They criticized Lahri's remarks as being uninformed and prejudiced.

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Supporters pointed to her outstanding acting abilities and dancing skills, noting that few in the industry can match her talent. They urged critics to watch her performances in films like 'Premam,' 'Fidaa,' 'Shyam Singha Roy,' and 'Gargi' to truly appreciate her potential. 

Many condemned making harsh judgments without familiarity with her previous work, describing such attitudes as blind hatred and ignorance.

Sunil Lahri, despite his notable role in 'Ramayan,' has faced criticism himself, with detractors labeling him a "flop actor" who has little to boast about beyond his portrayal of Lakshman in the TV series.