Power Star Review

25 July 2020-14:07 PM

Director: Ram Gopal Varma
cast: Prawan Kalyan, Ram Gopal Varma
Music: DSR

Ram Gopal Varma's latest project Powerstar is out on his RGV World Theatre. It has a 37 minute duration. Amidst huge hype, the short film released online. Check out the review of the film here.

Prawan Kalyan is a hero who establishes Manasena political party. Unexpectedly, he loses the election and loses two seats where he contested. Both films console him saying that he should focus on films. In the middle of all this, he keeps questioning his failure. What happens then? What did he do after that? is the story of Powerstar

Apart from the scenes in the trailer, there is nothing much exciting in this Powerstar. The film starts with the lead questioning his frustration. And then, his brother comes and gives him a class that he should focus on doing movies again. And then, the look-alikes of Trivikram, Bandla Ganesh and Chandra Babu come up and do random conversations with him. There is satire in every scene. RGV even mentions that Prawan gets phone calls from Pune. But, the highlight of the entire short film is the entry of Ram Gopal Varma where he reveals his heart about Pawan Kalyan. RGV talks about his admiration for Powerstar and tells that his book ISM is not worthy enough to come up from him. Usually, RGV tweets his advice to Pawan but this time, he did this satirical movie.

The actors who did key roles in the short film are the look-alikes of so many real-life celebrities. The voices for them is also apt. There is nothing great to mention about performances. Even RGV also does the same that he usually does in his usual interviews.

Technical Aspects:
Technically, there is nothing great about the movie The camera work, editing and the production values are very poor. The music is in poor taste and so is the background score.

Plus Points:
Some funny satires

Minus Points:
Nothing new

Final Verdict: A satirical film

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