Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini Movie Review and Rating

16 September 2022-15:44 PM

Film : Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini
Starring : Kiran Abbavaram, Sanjana Anand and Sonu Thakur
Director: Sridhar Gadhe
Screenplay & Dialogues : Kiran Abbavaram
Producer: Kodi Divya Deepthi
Co-producer : Naresh Reddy Mule
Music Director: Manisharma
DOP: Raj Nalli
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Art Director: Upendra Reddy
Choreographer : BABA BHASKAR

iQlik Movies Rating: 2/5

After the failure of Sammathame, hero Kiran Abbavaram is now back with his latest outing, Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini. Directed by Sridhar Gadhe, this mass entertainer has hit the screens today. Here is the review of it:

Vivek (Kiran Abbavaram) is a cab driver. Teju (Sanjana Anand) is an alcoholic. She also stays alone. Vivek happens to drop Teju often at home. One day, he asks her the reason behind her alcohol addiction. What Teju reveals and what will Vivek do after that form the major crux of the movie.

Kiran Abbavaram is trying to prove himself as a commercial hero. He did it for the first time in SR Kalayanamandapam and repeated the same feats in this movie as well. There is a mass entry, item song, swag dialogues and comical punch lines for him. He tried his best but fell flat as a performer in a few scenes.

Unlike other heroines in commercial films, Sanjana gets a good role in this flick. However, she failed to do justice to that character. Lookswise, she is decent. SV Krishna Reddy as the hero's father is okay. Baba Bhaskar as the hero's sidekick overacts most of the time.

Technical Departments:
Director Sridhar Gadhe came up with a story that has been beaten to death in the past. Right from the beginning, you feel that you have watched the film a thousand times in the past. The writing is very poor and lame.

The music by Mani Sharma is not very impressive. None of the songs creates an impact. The background score is relatively okay. Cinematography is as per commercial film standards. The editing is good and justifies the plot. The production values are decent.

Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsina Vaadini is a typical commercial potboiler which tries to pack itself with all necessary commercial ingredients. But it lacks the punch. The writing is very silly and the comedy scenes are dumb. The one-liners are very lame and don't make you laugh at all. The interval point is decent though.

When you think that things will become better in the second half after such a decent interval, the director fools us and drags the second half once again with lame scenes. He ends the movie relatively on a positive note with a well-written climax. On the whole, the film turns out to be an expired and outdated affair.

Plus Points:
A few comedy scenes

Minus Points:
Poor Story
Lacklustre Narration
Unnecessary characters

One-Line Verdict: Expired formula.