Gaami Movie Review and Rating

08 March 2024-15:20 PM

Film: Gaami
Director: Vidyadhar Kagita

Cast: Vishwak Sen, Chandini Chowdary, Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad, Harika Pedada

Producers: Karthik Sabareesh
Music Director: Naresh Kumaran
Cinematographer: Vishwanath Reddy ch
Editor: Raghavendra Thirun

Banner: Swetha Vahini Studios, V celluloid
Release Date: March 8, 2024

iQlik Movies Rating: 2.75/5

Gaami, starring Vishwak Sen and directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, has been generating curiosity since its teaser release. Today, on March 8, the film has hit the screens. Let's see how the film is.

The narrative revolves around Shankar (Vishwak Sen), expelled from the Aghora group due to a belief that he brings misfortune. Shankar grapples with a rare condition, reacting intensely to human touch with paleness, bloodlessness, and blackouts. Haunted by flashes from an enigmatic past, he embarks on a perilous journey to the Himalayas, seeking a cure. Jahnavi (Chandini Chowdary) joins him on this quest, unraveling the mystery behind Shankar's affliction.

Vishwak Sen delivers a compelling performance as an Aghora, relying on expressive acting rather than extensive dialogue. Chandini Chowdhary adeptly portrays her character, a doctor accompanying Shankar on his transformative journey. Harika Pedada and Mohammad Samad also stand out in their roles, contributing to the film's overall solid performances.

Technical Aspects:
Director Vidyadhar Kagita deserves appreciation for tackling a challenging narrative. The film engages from the start, drawing attention to Shankar's core problem and gradually unveiling solutions. Two distinct subplots add complexity, maintaining audience interest. However, the film falls short in creating tense moments that could have enhanced the viewing experience. The technical crew emerges as Gaami's main asset. Vishwanath Reddy's exceptional camera work and Naresh Kumaran's captivating music breathe life into every scene. Despite some patchy editing moments, the production values are commendable for a film of this budget.

Plus Points:
Impressive VFX and Visuals
Unique Plot
Captivating Background Music
Production Values

Minus Points:
No High Moments
Underdeveloped Subplots
Occasional Pacing Issues

Vishwaksen and Chandini Chowdhary's strong performances, combined with technical brilliance, enhances the film's allure. However, occasional sluggish pacing and dull moments hinder its overall impact. Nevertheless, for enthusiasts of rich technical elements, Gaami presents a worthwhile option.

Final Verdict: An experiment worth a watch!