Raa Raa Movie Review & Ratings

23 February 2018-15:19 PM

Cast: Srikanth, Naziya, Pruthvi, Ali & others
Banner: Vizi Charish Visions
Music: Rap rock Shakeel
Cinematography: Poorna
Editor: Shankar
Producer: Vijay

Rating: 1/5

Charming Star Srikanth is one hero in the film industry who never bothers or reacts to the result of his films. Now after doing so many films, he tried his hand at the horror genre for the first time with Ra Ra movie. Will this film gives him success or not is discussed below.

Story Plot:

Raj Kiran (Srikanth)- a flop movie director is on a huge mental pressure to make his upcoming film a super hit. It pushes him to make a film in the horror genre. For story sittings, he reaches to an old bungalow along with his direction team. Here they come across the devils in the old bungalow. How Srikanth & Co faces the ghosts? Did he become successful in making the movie or not? These things will unfold on screen.

Actors & Performances:

Srikanth: Unfortunately, he fails in this movie. First of all, he did a big mistake by saying yes to this movie and later he spoiled the film with his bad acting.

Comedians Shakalaka Shankar & Pruthvi will give some relief in some small scenes. Rest of the cast’s acting skills are below par and their roles are also in below standards.


This film has got a special attention by releasing to the public without knowing the director’s name. It indirectly says that ‘Ra Ra’ film is a half-baked dish and this script lacks all the essential ingredients to look like a good dish.

This film provides a low standard comedy to the audience, despite having more than a dozen comedians on the board. Poor writing of scenes turns out as a major flaw in this movie and moreover, the aimless & directionless screenplay killed the entire movie. This horror genre movie gives a horror kind of visual experience to the audience with horrifying performances, story & screenplay.

Technical Aspects:

All the technical departments in the movie have done a mediocre job.

Plus Points:


Minus Points:


Final Verdict: Ra Ra- A Horrifying Experience in Theaters.

Review by Sandeep