Bhagyanagara Veedhullo Gammathu Review And Rating

07 December 2019-09:46 AM Jayammu Nischayammu Raa 

Movie Name: Bhagyanagara Veedullo Gammathu
Starring: Y. Srinivasa Reddy, Dollysha, Vennela Kishore & Others
Director: Y. Srinivasa reddy
Producer: Y. Srinivasa reddy
Music composed by: Saketh komanduri
Production House: M/s. Flying Colours Entertainment

iQlikMovies Rating: 1.5/5

Now-a-days, film audiences are not interested to watch a comedy film in theatres. It's because they are being catered with hilarious TV shows like Jabardast at home. On top of it, we've social media to entertain in various ways. Since the entertainment is available on various platforms, people are least bothered to run to theatres for a comedy flick. S

In Order to attract audiences to cinemas, there should be good weightage in the script. Certainly, viewers expected the same from Bhagyanagara Veedhullo Gammathu. But, did it serve good amount of laughs and was it worth the ticket price? - Read on to know

Srinivas (Srinivas Reddy) is a short film director and he plans to have a good heroine for a short film. And, he's the habit of purchasing lotteries. One day, Srinivas wins a 2 Crore lottery but he loses his lottery ticket. Then, he decides to search for the lottery ticket. On other hand, he finds a heroine for his short film. But, she is a mentally unstable lady. At the same time, drug mafia spreads across the city and Police commissioner (Vennela Kishore) promises to nab him. Will Police officials crack down the drug mafia? Will Srinivas get a heroine for his project and will he take home lottery money is rest of the story.

Though it's a normal script, there was a good scope to offer fun. And, there are many tracks running simultaneously- short film thing, drugs mafia and chasings for lottery ticket. It could have been hilarious to watch with so many sub stories, but screenplay failed to entertain us on those lines. Despite having several comedians, the story falls flat with less amount of comedy. With the weak screenplay, the director could not leave us in spilts at any point. It is totally boring and viewers will feel monotonous. With a weak villian gang and not-so strongly marked police officer, the story will leave you in an uninterested zone. And heroine's character will make the story even bad, because her acting is unbearable to watch onscreen.

By the time we reach interval episode, director will make you feel that there is nothing left in the movie. But, 'Bathuku Edla Bandi' scene offers some fun. The prolonged climax and Rasgulla episode will make your experience even bad. Though the film has three leading actors, their characterization was not designed properly and villian's gang is wasted. The role of heroine wasn't utilised well and on the whole, there is no importance to any character even though screen is full of actors.

It's better to consider Srinivas Reddy as a character artist rather than a hero. His comedy timing is decent, but his role wasn't developed well. As a result, his role could not generate enough comedy and same is the case with Satya's character. Shakalaka Shankar and Raghu Babu were able to serve us some laughs in theatre. And, Vennela Kishore is completely wasted.

It's a flat story and no-hungama film with less comedy. As a first-time director, Srinivas Reddy could have come up with a better script. Going by the this movie is made, it gives us a sense that makers are keen to wrap it up on a low budget. Background score and audio tunes are simple. With low standard writing & screenplay, Srinivas Reddy could not impress as a filmmaker. Making such bad movies may put his acting career in risk.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Lack of Comedy
Irritating screenplay

Final Verdict::  Unpleasant experience

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