HIT 2 Movie Review and Rating

02 December 2022-13:58 PM

Director: Sailesh Kolanu
Producer : Prashanti Tipirneni, Nani
Dop : S.Manikandan
Editor : Garry Bh
Production Designer : Manisha A Dutt
Costume Designer : Prashanti Tipirneni
Co-director : Venkat Maddirala
Music : MM Sree Lekha, Suresh Bobbili
Lyrics : Krishna Kanth
Executive Producer : S Venkatarathnam
Production company : Wall Poster Cinema

iQlik Movies Rating: 3/5

Adivi Sesh's HIT: The Second Case has been making noise in the industry for the last few days. There were good expectations built around this movie. It is directed by Sailesh Kolanu and produced by Natural Star Nani. Finally, HIT 2 got released today. Here is the review of it.

Inspector Krishna Dev aka KD works as an SP in Vishakhapatnam. He happens to investigate the murder of Sanjana. Later, he comes to know that the body parts belong to various other women and there is a serial killer behind these murders. How KD manages to catch that killer forms the main crux of the movie.

Adivi Sesh is known for taut thrillers. He is a perfect cast in HIT 2. He carries the entire film on his shoulders and delivers a thumping performance. Rather than being heroic, the character looks more realistic. It is designed in an impressive way.

Heroine Meenakshi Chaudhary has nothing to do with the film. Her role is bland. Rao Ramesh's role is interesting but it was not fleshed out properly. Komalee Prasad, Posani Krishna Murali and Tanikella Bharani are decent in their respective roles.

Technical Aspects:
Writer and director Sailesh Kolanu made his debut with HIT: The First Case. Compared to the first part, the writing in this film is slick and engaging. Sailesh gets into the core investigation very soon by establishing the world of HIT 2. His screenplay is engaging but it could have been better.

The cinematography by Manikandan adds a feel to the story. The visuals complement the script very well. John Stewart Eduri's background score is very good. Garry BH's editing is slick and the runtime is apt. The production values are great too.

Sailesh doesn't take much time in establishing the world of the Homicide Investigation Team (HIT) in Vizag. He starts off the core plot revolving around a murder very soon. Since then, the audience gets hooked to their seats. What is important for any thriller is to keep audiences guessing.

HIT 2 succeeds partly in that aspect. The first half is engaging. But most of the audience can guess the killer at the beginning of the second half. That's when they feel bored. Nevertheless, HIT is a decent attempt which can engage people who love thrillers. 

Plus Points:
Engaging Screenplay
Background Score

Minu Points:
Forceful Twist
Predictable screenplay

One-Line Verdict: HIT 2 will be a hit too!