Manu Charitra Movie Review and Rating

23 June 2023-12:49 PM

Movie: Manu Charitra
Directer: Bharath Pedagani

Cast: Shiva Kandukuri, Megha Akash, Priya Vadlamani, Pragathi Shrivatsav, Suhas, Daali Dhananjay, Srikanth Iyengar

Producers: N Sreenivasa Reddy
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
DOP: Rahul Shrivatsav
Editor: Prawin Pudi

Banner: Proddutur Talkies
Release Date: 23 June 2023

iQlik Movies Rating: 3/5

Story: Manu (Shiva Kandukuri) is a talented student in Warangal who falls in love with Jennifer Joseph (Megha Akash) at first sight. He embarks on a quest to find her address using only one hint, eventually succeeding and proposing to her. However, their love takes a dramatic turn when an incident changes Manu's life. What is the incident? What happens to Manu after that? Tells the story of the film. The film explores the twists and turns in Manu's life without Jennifer.

Performances: Shiva Kandukuri deserves praise for his hard work and dedication in his role. Known for his previous soft roles, he successfully portrayed a character with both soft and rough edges in this film. Megha Akash played an important role in the film and looked good on screen, despite having a limited screen presence. Priya Vadlamani, who portrayed the character of Shravya, had good screen time and delivered a decent performance. Harshita Chowdhary exuded glamour, while Garima Chowdhary performed adequately in her role. Suhas had a significant role and portrayed it convincingly. Srikanth Iyengar delivered a solid performance in his role. The rest of the cast made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects: Bharath Peddagani's direction and storytelling skills are good. Gopi Sundar's music will leave a lasting impact. Shiva Kandukuri's portrayal of Manu is decent and completely different from what he played so far. The film also differentiates him from his usual boy-next-door image. The technicalities of the film are brilliant. The music and camera work are highly exceptional.

Review: Fortunately, "Manu Charitra" capitalizes on its backdrop of Warangal City. The film was primarily shot there and featured a song about the city; the film has only helped the film impress the audiences. It has resulted in a generic setting that adds little to the story.

The biggest positive element of the film is the nature of the protagonist, Manu. His lack of clarity and idealistic characteristics make it very peculiar, and then the audiences could easily connect with his journey. The storylines of Manu, Jennifer, and another character named Jaanu succeeded in engaging viewers on a meaningful level.

While the college love story between Manu and Jennifer has some promising moments, the film's second half becomes extremely interesting with many charming elements. At the same time, including a political rivalry subplot strengthened the core love story, further helping the film's narration.

Plus Points:
Shiva Kandukuri
Love Scenes

Minus Points:
Lag in second half

Final Verdict: Manu Charitra is a well-made intense drama..

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