Love You Too Movie Review and Rating

02 July 2023-17:02 PM

Movie: Love You Too
Director: Yogee Qumaar

Cast: AATA Sandeep, Prachi Thaker, Jyothi Raj, and others

Producer: Shrikkanth Keerthy
Music: Saketh Komanduri
Run Time: 2hr 2 Min

iQlikmovies Rating: 3/5

Love You Too is a delightful Telugu-language romantic drama that showcases the talents of writer and director Yogee Qumaar. The film boasts a talented cast, including Aata Sandeep, Prachi Thaker, Jyoti Raj, and Divya Dekate.


The film revolves around the story of Surya (Aata Sandeep), a dance choreographer who finds himself torn between his wife, Poorna (Jyoti Raj), and his extramarital love interest, Sushma (Prachi Thaker), one of his dance students. Surya's journey is filled with emotional conflict as he navigates his loyalty to both women. Audiences will be captivated as they discover who Surya ultimately chooses. Watch out for the film to know how the emotional conflict gets resolved.


The on-screen performances are commendable, with Aata Sandeep delivering a solid portrayal of Surya. Prachi Thaker adds glamour to her role as Sushma, while Divya Dekate's portrayal of the female best friend falls slightly short. On the other hand, Abhay Bethiganti impresses as the male best friend, showcasing his talent. Jyoti Raj stands out among the lead actors, displaying emotional depth in her performance. The remaining cast members deliver adequate performances in their limited roles. All the actors bring their characters to life with their performances. Supporting actors such as Abhay Bethiganti, Meena Vasu, Abhilash Bandari, Keshav Deepak, Pavani Ash, Lavnay Reddy, Kranthi B, Arun Babu, Lavanya Reddy, and Rithvika Sri also make notable contributions.

Technical Aspects:

Director Yogee Qumaar's passion for storytelling shines through, and there are many moments where his experience is evident. A crisper screenplay and a faster-paced narrative successfully enhanced the film's overall impact. The cinematography by Shyam Thummalapalli is good, although the framing is interesting too. The editing by Anil Jallu could have been tighter to maintain a consistent flow. Still, it is impressive. The songs composed by Saketh Komanduri add a pleasant touch to the film. The background score also complements the overall mood.


While the story by Yogee Qumaar introduces us to a fresh concept, the film explores the complexities of extramarital affairs, a theme that resonates with contemporary audiences. At the same time, the screenplay has tighter pacing and a more engaging narrative. The film tends to deliver a perfect package of all emotions. The film's runtime has helped the film to have a gripping storytelling approach. Love You Too is a film that explores the complexities of maintaining a love story after marriage, a theme that resonates in today's society. The execution is gripping, and with great performances, the film engages audiences with its heartfelt moments.

Plus Points:

Music & BGM

Minus Points:

Few boring scenes

Final Verdict: Love You Too is Impressive & Engaging...